Pearl Millet (Sajje)
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Pearl Millet (Sajje)


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  1. Healthy Digestion

Millet is rich in fiber. It eliminates gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, cramping, and excess gas. It improves digestion process.

Thus, increases the nutrient retention power of the system. Thereafter, optimizes kidney, liver and boosts the immune system.

  1. Treats Stomach Ulcers

Pearl millet is beneficial for treating stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers are caused due to excessive acidity in the stomach after the intake of food. Pearl millet turns down the stomach alkaline and prevents the formation of stomach ulcers. In a way, it mitigates the effect of ulcers.

  1. Healthy heart

Millet is a rich in magnesium, so it reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart attack strokes. It is a source of potassium, so it stabilizes the blood pressure.

Thus, acts as a vasodilator. Cardiovascular health is automatically maintained when blood pressure is controlled, and circulatory system is optimized.

Millets have phytonutrients and lignin component, so it acts as an antioxidant that prevents different heart problems.

Millet is a grain you should include in your diet to protect your heart.

  1. Respiratory System:

Millets have the richness of magnesium, so it cures respiratory problems.It helps to treat asthma attacks and reduces the migraine attacks and wheezing.

  1. Reduces cancer risk

Millets have phytonutrient and lignin, these are good for the human body, lignans fight against hormone-dependent cancers.

Pearl Millet also has magnesium and phytate, due to these components it prevents the body from cancers.

Millets have the richness of magnesium, so it cures respiratory problems. It helps to treat asthma attacks and reduces the migraine attacks and wheezing.

Evidence has proved that if you take 35 grams of fiber every day, it reduces the chance of cancer, especially the breast cancer. So, millet is the easiest way to stop the risk of cancer.


  1. Pearl Millet optimizes Cholesterol

Pearl Millet has the richness of fiber, so it is ideal for eliminating bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol.

Pearl Millet has phytochemical called phytic acid, which increases cholesterol metabolism and optimizes the levels of cholesterol in the human body.

So, recommend the diet of pearl millet to the person who is suffering from high cholesterol levels.


  1. Pearl Millet Helps for healthy bones

Pearl millet has a high content of phosphorus so, it is regarded suitable for maintaining healthy bones.

It also repairs and develops weak bones caused due to some injury.


  1. Beneficial in Preventing Gallstones:

Millets have a fiber content in them. So, it reduces the risk of gallstone occurrence.

An excessive amount of bile secretion in the intestine leads to the condition of gallstones.

The insoluble fiber content in pearl millet reduces the secretion of excessive bile in your system and speeds up the intestinal transit time.

Millet also increases insulin sensitivity. So, it prevents the formation of gallstones.


  1. Millets and diabetes

Pearl millet is a wonderful staple crop that controls diabetes.

Due to the richness of fiber content, millets digests slowly, so glucose is released into the bloodstream at a prolonged rate.

This maintains a sustainable sugar level in diabetes patients.

Pearl millet has an important mineral, magnesium that increases the efficiency of insulin and decreases glucose and triglyceride levels in the body; this prevents you from diabetes.

Researchers have proved that millet has a potential to treat Type 2 diabetes.

The latest study, in Sweden, has proved the usefulness of pearl millet for diabetic patients. It was examined in Type 2 diabetic patients for a week.

It was found blood sugar levels were low in the patients who had millets in their diet as compared to other consuming crops as wheat, maize, etc.

So, a diabetic patient should take a millet diet to control the sugar level and for lowering the glycemic index.


  1. Pearl Millet helps in Weight Loss:

The fiber content in millets aids in healthy weight loss.

It helps in controlling the feeling of eating food again and again and in the short period of time.

High fiber content satisfies the hunger for the long time span, in a way it takes time for millet to digest as it needs extended time to move the millet grain from stomach to intestine.

Thus, it helps in lowering the consumption of food.

Thus, less consumption, less calorie intake, lessen the weight.

So, now if someone in the family, is worried about the weight, ask them to have a millet diet to have a perfect figure. Millets have the richness of magnesium, so it cures respiratory problems.It helps to treat asthma attacks and reduces the migraine attacks and wheezing.

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